Getting Back to Normal

A Beggar’s Take on Normal and New Normal

In the midst of our spatial distancing, our face masks, our staying at home there is great longing for a return to normal, or at least the establishment of some “new” normal that will give us order and reduce our anxiety. What is God doing about “normal?”

copyright 2020, Timothy V. Olson

Resurrection is More Than Springtime

A Video Reflection from My Deck

There are many ways we imagine what it means to believe in the resurrection. For some it is simply coming back to life again – which is resuscitation, not resurrection. Others think of reincarnation. Many look to the resilience of creation in spring and see new life. But none of these are resurrection. Jesus says “I am the resurrection and the Life” (John 11:25). This Beggar’s Take is that resurrection promises for far more than just living the same life I have now.

copyright 2020 Timothy V. Olson