“Yes, the mind can tell left from right, but it cannot perceive invisible things such as love, eternity, fear, wholeness, mystery or the Divine. Yes, the mind is good at thinking. But so much so that most humans, like Decartes, think the are their thinking.” – Richard Rohr

The Truth

“It is an arrogance that allows Christians to so believe that their mental understanding of things is anywhere close to that of Jesus. Jesus said, “I am the Truth” (John 14:6) I think the intended effect is this: If Jesus is the Truth, then you probably aren’t.” – Richard Rohr


“”prayer” has often been trivialized by making it a way of getting what you want… It is not a technique for getting things, a pious exercise that somehow makes God happy, or a requirement for entry into heaven. It is much more like practicing heaven now.” – Richard Rohr

Dealing with Fear

“The core analysis of Jesus is that man is a child of God, the God of life that sustains all of  nature and guarantees all the intricacies of the life-process itself. This idea – that God is mindful of the individual – is of tremendous import in dealing with fear as a disease. A man’s conviction that he is God’s child automatically tends to shift the basis of his relationship with all his fellows.” – Howard Thurman

War of Nerves

“There are few things more devastating that to have it burned into you that you do not count and that no provisions are made for the literal protection of your person. The threat of violence is ever present. The underprivileged (and person of color) are victims of a perpetual war of nerves.” – Howard Thurman