Christ, the Center

Beyond the empty tomb and the first encounters with the risen Christ we hear about on Easter, the reality of the resurrection opens into a deeper and more powerful understanding the place of Christ in the world, even the universe. In the the first chapter of Colossians, the author opens up our eyes to see the bigger picture revealed in the resurrection. It is a revelation that brings Christ right into our laps.

2 thoughts on “Christ, the Center

  1. Asta Twedt

    Thanks for this beggar’s take. “In him all things are held together.” (Colossians 1:17) has been an important verse for me for many years. When I was a student at Grand View University, Brian Nielsen, a freshman student and the son of our president, Ernest Nielsen, was killed in a motorcycle accident. Dr. Nielsen and his wife, Frances, had a stained glass window placed in the library in his memory. It is Jesus, broken into fragmented glass pieces held together with the mortar and these words from Colossians. It still is there, (Go to the second floor of the library some day when we can get in and see it from the inside.) and it serves as a witness to me and hopefully others that Jesus knows our brokenness and holds our lives together even in the worst of situations.

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