Bitter Harvest

Sermon for 18th Sunday after Pentecost – October 8, 2017 on Matthew 21:33-46

God grants blessings in abundance. God does so with a purpose in mind: that we might bless others with those blessings. Parables from both Isaiah and Jesus tell of a landowner (God) who supplies all that is needed to bring a fruitful, abundant harvest. What the landowner receives is a bitter harvest of bloodshed, violence, and injustice. What does God expect from us in return for the gifts we have received? What will God do if we return a bitter harvest or no harvest at all? That is the question Jesus asked, and still does.

Author: Pastor Tim Olson

Husband, father, pastor, beggar, full-time saint, full-time sinner

2 thoughts on “Bitter Harvest”

  1. I love how this text, and your message, go along with the Epistle lesson about pressing on toward the goal – of being more like what God wants us to be! Thanks, Tim! Gail

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