Why Are You Looking for Heaven?

The Ascension of Jesus can leave us staring into the sky, waiting for heaven and worried about the End, just like the disciples in the book of Acts. When Church and faith become all wrapped up in what happens when we die and when Jesus will return, we miss the hope and grace revealed in the Ascension of Jesus. Ascension reveals a gracious and merciful God, who shares our humanity and imparts divinity to all through faith. Ascension reveals who is in charge of this world and in whose hands the ultimate fate of the world rests. You can check out this sermon on the Ascension of Jesus at:


Peace, Pastor Tim

One thought on “Why Are You Looking for Heaven?

  1. Ron Nicholson

    I love that the Angels had to come back and tell the apostles to break it up, my guess is I would have stood there until he came back or someone stopped me.

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