Faith, Sexism, Justice: Conversations Toward a Social Statement

I have an easier time navigating this world for a number of reasons. Two of the biggest are because I am white and I am male. I know this statement, in and of itself, may raise you blood pressure – especially if you are also white and male. I wish it wouldn’t. I’m not placing any blame or making any accusations. I’m not calling anyone out to take them to task. I’m just being real. Being white and male are biological facts, neither of which I chose. It is however true that a host of positive things are more likely to happen and many bad things are less likely to happen to me because of each. So, what’s a white guy to do?

One response is to learn more about the experience of those who don’t enjoy your privilege. Another, as the church, is to speak out as the body of Christ against injustice. Right now, the Evangelical Lutheran Church is America (ELCA) is developing a social statement on Women & Justice. You can be part of the process of learning and offering input. Materials are available to discuss and systems in place to provide input. The catch is, we need to find time to gather and participate. I’m willing to help organize and even lead, as I am able. I need to know if you are willing too.

Would you be willing to devote a little time this summer to learning and discussing the issue of justice as it relates to Women? This discussion includes just treatment and compensation. It also includes questions about abuse, violence and human trafficking. If you are interested, please let me know. Just comment on this blog, or make a note in social media, or send me an email –

To look over the scope of the study process go to:


Pastor Tim Olson