A Prayer for the State Senate

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I want to thank State Senator Jim Lykam, Davenport, and his Legislative Assistant, Kathy Ellett of Holy Trinity – Ankeny, for the invitation to be the Pastor for the Day in the State Senate. Thanks to President of the Senate, Jack Whitver for giving me voice in the assembly. I was honored to stand in the well of the Senate and pray, if only for a minute or so, representing as faithfully as I can, the Word of the Lord. My prayer was as follows:

Blessed are you, O Lord, our God!
You have created every mountain and molecule;
     you grant by grace each heart beat and breath.
You have placed humanity in the world
     to serve and protect all creation and every creature;
You bless us with abundance often taken for granted.
You bless us that we become a blessing to the nations,
     the state, and every citizen.
Remind us that in our divisions, you call us to unity.
Remind us that your heart breaks and your power works for the
         poor, the hungry, and the refugee living in the land.
When we are confident we know your will,
     humble us.
When we struggle to know what is right,
     grant us your mercy and wisdom.
When we are trapped in the struggles of power and party;
     free us and forgive us.
When our hearts grow hard,
     soften them with your mercy and grace.
Your Word shall forever stand;
     your Word of justice and peace will prevail;
Your Word was the first Word spoken;
Your Word shall be the last and final word over all things.
In the Holy name above all names, we pray.
© 2017 Timothy V. Olson. All rights reserved.

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