More than Miracles

One of categories of questions at least this pastor gets asked deal with who God loves and hates; who is in and out; who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. It seems actually to be an obsession in our age. Maybe it always has been so. The answer to this question can be approached from all sorts of angles. Today, I would submit that is we pay attention to the miracles shared in scripture, we might get a clue to the answer. Now, miracles often send us on squirrel hunts and down rabbit trails. Miracles are often thought of as divine interventions that subvert the laws of nature, somehow. I don’t think that is right. At least that is not the whole story. In fact, the most important thing about miracle narratives is what they tell us about God. In this sermon, I try to look beyond the surface of the miracles of Elijah and Jesus to see the God who is central to the story. I take my cue from Jesus himself. It really is about more than miracles. It is about the way God loves us… all of us. Take a listen. More than Miracles: Who Finds Favor with God?

Pax Christi, Tim Olson