Memory & Memorial Day

As Memorial Day approaches it is important to remember. We must remember with accuracy, not nostalgia, lest we negate the loss and suffering of the past. We must remember with solemnity, lest we stoke the passions that give rise to the horror of war. We must remember so that we can look ahead and see around us both the rise of hatred and judgment and the gentle work that advances peace. Most of all, we must remember that as people of faith, God has shared in every death and tragedy we have inflicted upon ourselves – the death of Jesus Christ testifies to this. We must also remember that God is constantly working to bring about peace. So, as we remember most that God’s work has always been and will always be a call for us, as the spiritual sings, to study war no more.Remembering the dead mocks their sacrifice and becomes self-serving if we continue to embrace violence and reject forgiveness and reconciliation.

I recently came across a video look that presents the facts about the losses of war, especially World War II. The data and presentation was overwhelming – devastating really. Please take the time to watch so we can all remember rightly, honor the sacrifice and work for peace. A Video of The True Cost and Horror of War

Pax Christi,

Tim Olson