Our Own Worst Enemy: The Church in 2015

In my last sermon (Driven by the Spirit: The Future of Our Congregation), I talked about the Holy Spirit’s insistence on a Church in mission to the people who were “out there” not safely tucked in the sanctuary, tending to our own needs. The sermon was an opportunity to announce a vision that the leaders of the congregation (read plural – as in lots and lots of members) have been developing to revitalize our mission and ministry. It includes raising $1.2 Million for several things you will hear more about in posts and things to come.

If we are to be the Church at all, we need to fearlessly trust the Spirit’s leading. This article by Tom Ehrich says things we all need to hear today. It may pinch, it may make you sweat or even feel angry, but the truth can do that. The truth is that we have, as the people of God, too often been our own worst enemy.

5 Ways Churches Inflicted Pain on Themselves – Tom Ehrich | God’s Politics Blog | Sojourners.