Why God is Sending Christians Straight to Hell

In my estimation Christians spend way too much time thinking and worrying about heaven and hell as final stops on our eternal journey. The result is too often a faith that fails to make a difference in the life of the Christian or of the world at large. This blog posting by a chaplain is a thoughtful, faithful, biblical look at a different point of view. – Pastor Tim

Why God is Sending Christians Straight to Hell.

One thought on “Why God is Sending Christians Straight to Hell

  1. Nancy

    …. and even what Martin Luther said to “go to where the people are.”

    Yes, this is scary, for some forget they following Jesus in and are not to accept the hell.

    I’ve even seen Christians loose their way, get caught up and even voice to accept it – saying God loves all and gives them grace – and because they have His grace, it’s o.k. to stay in hell — for God doesn’t give anyone a burden they cannot bear and they need to accept it as the life God gave them to live — which to me it’s like sacrificing your children because man said to.

    So if more and more believers are getting caught up in hell, who is left to follow Jesus in?

    As a person “born” with a learning disability means it’s a hell I was born into, but it doesn’t mean it’s a hell I have to accept. In my life, great teachers/believers have followed Jesus into my Hell to help me — and for that, I am forever thankful to God and give him praise!

    Great article – I recommend the read!

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