To Change or Not to Change…

I am asked a lot about change. Mostly the question is “Why? Why do we need to change anything.” I also asked a lot about why we don’t do things other churches do, or why other churches grow more than we do.  The two questions together are actually ironic. The answer to one set of questions is often the other.  Here is a thoughtful article about such questions.  Read it and let me know what you think.

What To Do When People Want A Church To Grow…But Not Change |

Pastor Tim

4 thoughts on “To Change or Not to Change…

  1. Nancy

    I like the comparison the article made…”I want to loose weight, but I really want that bacon cheese burger”. It really sums it up. There was a time in our life in which we ate healthy because we didn’t have access to the processed food, pop and fast food we are now choosing. This comparison says says the church has also MOVED away from the fundamental values which made the church healthy and grew the church at one time.

    It’s not about changing into something NEW — it’s RETURNING the church to the simple, healthy, REAL values Jesus taught. People stopped going to church for in some cases, just like the bacon cheese burger, they have realized the church has become toxic with wants and desires. They are looking for the healthy values they lived under BEFORE the Bacon Cheeseburger lead the church astray. Love God, Worship God, Thank God, Praise God, Love your neighbor, don’t long for things your neighbor has, strive towards living a reverent life – the life God has planned for you, not the life you have planned for yourself.

    Genetic Modified/Altered Living is NOT what God designed for you — let the church help you discover the life He DID design for you. Or do you think God designed you different than His original design?

    Think again – sin of this world did the modifying – Jesus came to show us we can “overcome” what earthly sin has modified. No one is born a bully, but some how the bully is created. The bully will say they were “created” this way and we are to accept it for it was the way God created them to be. They are correct, earthly sin they had no control over DID create them to be a bully, but with GOD, even bulling can be “overcome” but they need lots of love, patients, examples and allowing God to change their thoughts and hearts But most of all, the church helping them find their God called purpose in life to exchange with they only life the knew how to live….sound familiar, doesn’t it…

    Growing Churches are not changing into something new – they’ve just returned to basics – for even Jesus did not bring his followers into the “modified” temples – Jesus even told the priest to “TEAR THEM DOWN” for they too had been modified by earthly sin.

    When Jesus returns, will He find us as faithful believer willing to to what God called us to do — or people who say we believe, but live the life we have chosen for ourselves? Isn’t it time to shed those unwanted sins and start living the life God has designed for each one of us? I know a church that will be there for you and willing to show you how…not because the members are perfect and know what they are doing, but because they trust in the Lord with all their hearts and do not depend on their own understanding.

  2. Ronald Huber

    I’m not so clear about bacon cheeseburgers, old and new churches, old and new faith or whatever I perceive to be the content of the referral to Pastor Carey’s thoughts or mystery Nancy’s notions. I am fairly sure of dynamism. Life and most things in it are dynamic. Things will change. Dynamics assure they will wax or wane. So it will be with Holy Trinity as well. Over past years and recently, my sense is that our church favors change in the form of growth. I do.

  3. Jean

    “Draw a line and call it what it is.” Good luck with that! If you are a male leader with experience behind you, you have a much better chance than a female leader, experienced or not! In the secular world, maybe more ground as a female then in the church world. Just this week a pastor in our cluster told his council he was not willing to just survive and if the congregation was not looking toward growth, HE was not their leader. I’m betting they will keep him; not because they are willing to change but because they will not be honest with themselves or with him.

  4. Emily Robidoux

    The article about leadership and change was excellent! He was very articulate and right on the money! You’re doing a great job! Keep on keepin on!

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