Whats with those collars? – Ask a Pastor – LivingLutheran.com

Whats with those collars? – Ask a Pastor – LivingLutheran.com.

So what do you think of pastors wearing collars?  Both Pastor Pam and I wear them on Sundays and at other times.  Do they communicate good things or bad things for you?  Do they invite you to talk or put you off?  Tell me what you think of your pastors wearing collars. — Pax Christi, Pastor Tim

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  1. I care less about the collar, as long as you wear alb and stole. In my experience, however, not wearing a collar (1) invites comments (good and bad) about the pastor’s clothing or (2) necessitates an alternative “uniform” — ELCA polo shirt? Like police officers, pastors hold an “office” and dressing as a pastor is a way pastors surrender themselves to the office. Obviously, for some people, the collar symbolizes abuse of the office.

  2. Darrel Cox

    I like that you and Pastor Pam wear the collar. It is readily recognizable and for me, comforting.
    Some long standing traditions need to remain. Having been in law enforcement for 34 years, I always wore the uniform with pride. It was instant recognition for someone in need. It also became extremely beneficial when dealing with child abduction situations by identifying groups of people that children could turn to for help. During Stranger Danger presentations, law enforcement officers, clergy, medical professionals, fire fighters, EMT’s etc. were identified as people that kids could turn to if they had an encounter or attempted encounter with a stranger. Unfortunately, many of these professions are moving away from the long standing uniform or dress. Police are moving towards polo shirts and BDU pants or shorts which anyone could acquire in contrast to the professional uniform. The same can be said of the other groups identified. Many people in the Medical field have switched to “scrubs” which are also found on any College Campus or worn by many for lounge or night wear. When trying to help injured people at accident or crime scenes, it was great to see clergy that wore attire that quickly identified them so that their help could be quickly solicited. Does the collar put me off? Quite the contrary. It makes me proud that you and Pastor Pam wear the collar in representing HTLC as well as the community as a whole.

  3. Stacey

    I agree with the others. I find you two in collars comforting as well, but I rarely see you without. I’m sure the comfort doesn’t come only from the collars. I wouldn’t have a problem if you chose to go without, but I vote you keep them if you don’t mind too much. 🙂

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