The Lutheran | Two essays before the election: Wangerin addresses politics

In this time of political decision, I have pondered and prayed about a word to say as pastor, not a proponent of anything but the very reign of God.  I’m not sure I am up to the task.  I do find, however, the words – eloquent words – of Walter Wangerin (an ELCA pastor, powerful preacher, professor and well published author) has more than managed to articulate wise counsel and pastoral guidance to each of us and our nation. – Pastor Tim

The Lutheran | Two essays before the election: Wangerin addresses politics.

2 thoughts on “The Lutheran | Two essays before the election: Wangerin addresses politics

  1. Nancy

    What many citizens don’t understand and even many leaders, for we hear presidents say we are about “democracy” and even Mr Wangerin states this in his article; when in fact America is not a democracy but a republic. In America the people don’t vote directly on the issues/laws (democracy) – they elect leaders to do the voting for them — just as HTLC sends a few to vote at the convention level — they are not supposed to be voting their personal views, but for the views of the congregation they were elected to represent (republic). Our pledge actually says it all, “…and to the republic, for which it stands…” not to the democracy, for which it stands. Power ascends not from the people below, but from those whom the people elect. We honor pastors and priests and in the religion called “Lutheran” believe in the Lay ministers in which we are all called. When God speaks to us through the Holy Spirit and we listen and follow – we are to elect those who will glorify God instead of our economic future and God will bless and watch over us. For if God provides for the birds, will He not provide for us? It’s knowing that God is REAL, over the bills, that will not faulter our faith. Deep in our heart God speaks to us and it’s not about political ties or who has the better plan — for we are to trust God to take care of us, be willing to do His work, and share the blessings He has given us; instead of relying on the Government to take care of us and do our mission work for us. It’s not about who we elect to lead us — it’s about who IS leading us.

    1. While I’m not sure that everyone would agree that those selected to make decisions in Washington or at a Churchwide Assembly are expected to merely vote the views of those who sent them, thanks for your comments. – Pastor Tim

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