One thought on “Love sinner, hate sin?

  1. Nancy

    Yes, it is used an awful lot — and is kind of confusing, for we are not to hate…. Maybe a better way might be to change it to “Love the sinner and not Love the sin.” When we sin, I wonder what God feels; sadness, disappointment, hurt? Can God feel hate? Can He actually hate it when we sin? We are all sinner and God still loves us — and we know He doesn’t stop loving us when we sin…but I know He doesn’t want us to sin otherwise He wouldn’t have written the commandments so that we will know when we are sinning. He also gives us the choice to sin or not to sin, otherwise he would have not placed the tree of knowledge in the garden to give us that choice. It maybe a hackneyed phrase, but it fits God’s relationship with us so well….and we are to treat others as God treats us. So if God can separate his love for us and our sin, we should also be able to do the same with our brothers and sisters. We can still love them, even though we see them sinning…and also be able to encourage them to not break/stop breaking our Father’s heart.

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