Best Laid Plans and the Freedom of the Gospel

So, I was thinking “It is already Thursday and I still have no blog post for the week! Aargh!” Lots of things to say, no time to write.  The “blog post” note on my to do list has turned red and pops up on my screen with an annoying sound every so often.  What will people think?  That I’m lazy?  That I’m forgetful?  As my anxiety rises, I realize, once again that I have placed myself under the law of my own making.  Paul’s words ring in my head: “for we hold that a person is justified by faith apart from works prescribed by the law.” (Romans 3:28) — even when the law is a nagging task I have carved with my own fingers in a virtual tablet.  So, in Christ I am free of even my to-do list and the anxiety about what others might think — or what I might think myself.  Christ loves me even when I don;t get my work all done.

John Lennon said “Life is what happens while we are busy making plans.”  That is what happened this week.  So, by God’s grace — I’ll write to you all next week.  Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me……

Pax Christi,

Pastor Tim

5 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans and the Freedom of the Gospel

  1. deanna

    And the staff still loves you and appreciates your long hours too!
    More staff arriving soon! Yahoo!

  2. Dear Pastor Tim – I can relate. I have a similar problem with my limerick blog.

    Blogging Pressure

    I think that I’m going to be sick.
    I can’t think of a single limerick.
    The pressure to produce
    one that isn’t obtuse
    is proving to be quite a trick.

    Peace, Gary

  3. Eric A. Biedermann

    Relax Pr. Tim….As one who encouraged you to blog I take some of the responsibility and feel some of your pain…however, don’t sweat it, even an erudite blog won’t get us there….e of fc

  4. Krista

    “Christ loves me even when I don;t get my work all done.” – I think that might be my new motto… 🙂 And although I always enjoy reading your blogs when they come out, I like to see them more as an unexpected treat, rather than something I mark on my calendar.

  5. Nancy

    I’ll even take some of the blame, for I have occupied your time — but it was a GREAT conversation — and it’s nice to feel that you have at least been heard — THANKS!

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