New & Improved! Pastor’s Blog Gets Overhauled

So, I was thinking that it should be easier to subscribe to this blog.  I was also thinking it should be easier to post comments and follow the comments others make.  Now, all of this was done under the assumption that people are actually following the blog! 🙂  So, welcome to a new version of “So, I Was Thinking….”

First, a bit about the improvements. 

  • You will note a new look – let me know what you think. 
  • In the Menu Bar on the right, you will notice a place to enter your email to subscribe to the blog.  In the past, I had to send out a mass email to everyone to let you know a new post is available.  This will automatically send the new post to you.  That saves us from sending notices to those who are not interested, and it saves the number of emails we send to everyone each month.
  • When you make a comment, you can now subscribe to receive notice of other comments so the conversation keeps going.  That was something we could not do before.  Now you can see what everyone says.
  • The RSS feed button is orange and located just to the upper right of the post.
  • There is a new “About” page which tells people a little about me.  I will be adding other pages to this blog with things like book lists, helpful links — and anything else you suggest.
  • I hope to add a link to my Pastor’s Facebook page — (and as an aside — does a pastor need Twitter?)
  • My hope is that this revamped site will be a more useful communication tool.

Finally, I have been writing posts for some time now.  Let me know what you think about the topics and subjects.  About what to you want to hear more? Let me know you are out there… OK?

Pax Christi,

Pastor Tim


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